Blind h1b rfe

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Blind h1b rfe

H1B RFE is used to review H1B visa applications more carefully to determine whether the applicant is eligible for the benefits claimed. Receiving H1B RFE does not mean that your H1B application has been denied, it simply means that there are documents or information that are missing. Thus, the adjudication officer sent out the notice so that eligibility can be established for the petition. The Immigration and Nationality Act INA requires the wages offered to a foreign worker must be the prevailing wage rate for the occupational classification in the area of employment so that hiring a foreign worker would not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of U.

The specialty occupation may be questioned by USCIS when a petition is only qualified for level 1 entry level wage. For the applicants who obtained their degree overseas, a H1B RFE may request proof of a foreign degree equivalent.

Official school documents are necessary to provide the proof needed. In this case, petitions will have to explain how their degree is closely related to their job. It is hard to establish a validate employer-employee relationship when the work is performed off-site. Sufficient documentation must be provided to demonstrate that the worker has maintained their current status by submitting pay statements, employment history. For F-1 students, a H1B RFE may request class attendance or coursework history to prove that the applicants were actually in school before they applied H1B.

The fiscal year of saw a dramatic increase of RFEs compared to the same time frame of last year.

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Additionally, evidence shows that a wide range of occupations have been affected by this new rule, including entry level business related jobs, as well as some engineer jobs. RFEs challenge whether or not the duties of the position are sufficiently complex for the role to qualify as an H1B occupation, or which challenge the use of lower prevailing wage levels in support of the filing. The new rule specified a valid employer-employee relationship which significantly restricted agencies from sponsoring H1B workers and filling H1B visas.

H1B RFE may include more than one of the aforementioned reasons. Due to the complex nature of these requests, it would be best to consult an immigration attorney.

To consult an immigration attorney please click here. Skip to content. Experience 2. Education 3. Level of supervision Ranging from Level 1 entry level to Level 4 fully competent The Immigration and Nationality Act INA requires the wages offered to a foreign worker must be the prevailing wage rate for the occupational classification in the area of employment so that hiring a foreign worker would not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of U.

Employer-Employee Relationship Employer-employee relationship is evaluated based on three main factors: 1. Whether the H1B employer directly supervises the H1B applicants; 2. Whether this supervision is performed on site or off site; 3. Whether the H1B employer has control of the H1B employee.This is one of the most sought after visa to the US currently where the applicant can work in the country on a temporary basis.

The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa for employing temporary workers trained in a specialty occupation. People who are highly skilled and have thorough knowledge in their area of specialization are usually granted this visa. The visa can be beneficial to the non-immigrants working in the different industrial sectors like medicine, accounting, research, law, engineering, architecture, and journalism.

The sponsorship for this visa needs to be made by a company that is legal with which the applicant has been working. The employer needs to offer a position to the employee in the US and submit the application with the US immigration department. Once the visa is approved the applicant gets a work permit to work for that company in the US. The applicant is required to submit additional proof that is valid so that the authorities can arrive at a decision regarding the visa. Request for Evidence is usually issued in cases where:.

When the applicant receives an RFE they need to submit the additional documents required to satisfy the missing pieces of information.

blind h1b rfe

The case officer can decide on the eligibility of the visa applicant based on that. Only the people who qualify for specialty occupation is granted the H1B Visa.

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In such a situation the applicant would have to submit additional documents which include the details of the job description, past work experiences, and achievements in their specific area of specialization. The discrepancies in the employer information are revealed using this tool. The details could be regarding financial statements, salary reports or tax ID numbers. The employer should have proper control in the work of the applicant including the right to appoint the employee, supervise the work and to dismiss the employee when the situation demands it.

An RFE is issued when the employer has failed to submit all the proof required to establish this relationship or in the case when the employee is expected to work offsite most of the time.

The petitioner has to submit proof showing that the particular occupation requires off-site performance. Only then can the employer submit a petition seeking an H1B Visa for his employee. To get an H1B Visa for an employee the employer is required to submit sufficient proof that the specialized skills and talents are required for that particular job.

H1B Visa RFE’s – Top 10 Reasons Why RFE’s Were Issued by USCIS

They also need to be specific about the qualifying details that the employee has and the period of time for which their service is required for the company. An RFE could be issued in case the petitioner has failed to submit all the documents required to prove the visa applicants qualification.

Including the statements of pay is also essential to get a visa extension. An RFE could be issued in a situation when the visa holder has reached the six-year limit of the visa. A certified LCA or Labour Condition Application that corresponds to the terms and conditions in the H1B Visa petition and the position offered in the company has to be submitted along with the petition.

I Got an RFE (Request for Evidence)! Should I Panic?

The petitioner needs to submit the necessary details proving that the required amount of fee for filing the H1B Visa has been paid.

So, there is no reason to panic. You need to calmly go through the details of the notice issued by the adjudicating officer to understand in detail all the documents and evidence that are required to be submitted. The Statue of Liberty. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.I have a question about the H1B timelines. I received an RFE on my case to which the lawyer responded on Oct 17th.

H1B Transfer with RFE on existing H1B

I need a decision asap as I need to switch employer soon and also visit to India for stamping if approved. I asked the lawyers Fragomen to upgrade it to premium where I agreed to pay the premium fee myself. They told me they submitted the premium upgrade request on November 22nd and will send me the invoice once it is prepared.

Till today December 4thI do not see any premium upgrade request received kind of update on the case tracker. I have not received any invoice too. Does anybody know how this process works? Any response is highly appreciated!

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H1B RFE – Guide to Understanding Requests for Evidence

Privacy and Terms. Dec 4, 9 Comments. Dec 4, 1 1. New sLaB They likely will send your I request for premium processing through some sort of mail like FedEx or so which should come with a tracker.

Ask for that. That should be a good start I suppose. Dec 4, 0 3.On behalf of H1Bsupport.

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The only difference is the processing speed if it is Premium or Normal Processing. H1B petitions that were filed under the Premium Processing Program.

USCIS has begun adjudicating the premium processing petitions on April 28, I have also heard that some Employers already received approval notices for H1B premium processing petitions. Yes, calendar days including Saturdays and Sundays. H1B petitions that were filed under Normal processing. Adjudication of petitions may take anywhere between 1 month to 6 months, you may receive an approval notice or an RFE within this time.

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RFE Section. RFE stands for Request for Evidence. USCIS also allows up to 3 months for sending a response. The employer documentation is exhaustive and differs from Employer to Employer.

I will post a separate article with an exhaustive list of documents, explaining the importance of each document, please subscribe to this blog or Facebook LIKE to get updates! The most common requests for evidence are as follows and USCIS may ask for one single item or all of them items as listed below:. USICS needs information from the Employer to confirm that the offered job qualifies under specialty occupation.

In order to perform services in a specialty occupation, you must meet one of the following criteria:. The offered job should be directly related to the field of study.

Since your education is from another country, there is no way USCIS can determine that you have a valid degree. In some cases, where your education is NOT directly related to the job offered, evaluator may use your experience to determine the equivalency. Each 3 years of work experience is counted towards 1 year of college in a related field.

Yes, most likely.Many people have also been asked to provide client letter which shows full 3 year work availability at end client site. This could be 3 or 6 months. The H1B employer could not prove that the H1B job qualifies as a specialty occupation.

Your employer cannot prove a valid employer-employee relationship with you, by having the right to control the your work, which may include the ability to hire, fire, or supervise the beneficiary, for the duration of the requested validity period.

blind h1b rfe

You can prove employer — employee relationship using these documents. If H1B employer cannot prove that they have specific projects in a specialty occupation for H1B worker for the entire 3 year time requested in the petition. If your employer did not submit the documents like project SOW statement of work or client contract letter, you are asking for an RFE. Recently, many people have reported that USCIS is sending RFE for full time direct end client positions to prove the full 3 year project requirement too.

If your education and work experience documents do not reflect clearly that you are qualified to perform services in a specialty occupation, you are asking for an immediate RFE.

If your education is in Mechanical engineering and you are filing your H1B application for a software engineer job, the chances are very high that USCIS will ask your employer to prove your claims. If your employer is not paying you salary while on bench or have issues maintaining your status, you can expect the request for documents to prove how are you staying in US legally. If you file multiple H1B extensions or amendments quickly for multiple end client projects, it is possible that you may violate the status rules if your i94 expires in the middle without an approval.

This is most common RFE for IT consulting companies as they are not able to prove that they have specific in house projects in a specialty occupation for the H1B worker for the entire time requested in the H1B petition. The H1B employer could not prove that you are eligible for AC21 benefits or you are eligible for an H-1B 7th year extension using either approved i or a PERM pending for more than days.

If your H1B employer did not submit the itinerary for your job at end client location that requires you work to be performed in more than one location. You can receive RFE if your home location is far away from your work location. Recently, an H1B worker was issued an RFE to justify his home address which is about 96 miles away from his office. There is no official USCIS approved mile range criteria to measure the commutable distance, but you should be able to prove that you have a valid reason to take long commutes daily.

A medical justification is legitimate and should be approved by USCIS as we recommended him to send the pregnancy history records. This would be the most foolish RFE and you will be responsible if you did not pay the applicable fees for your application.May 14, by Beeraj Patel, Esq.

With a request for evidence, you may be asked for additional materials or evidence to allow for a more in-depth analysis on whether or not you are eligible for any benefits you claimed.

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Receiving an H1B RFE does not mean that your application has been denied, but rather that there is specific information missing. Once you receive the notice, you will have the opportunity to submit the missing documents or materials so that eligibility can be re-determined. If the required evidence is provided based on the RFE notice given, there is a strong chance that your H1B visa application will be approved.

There are a number of reasons why a request for evidence request may be given. Level 1 is considered entry level while level 4 refers to a fully competent employee. If an employer claims that they are hiring for a specialty occupation but is only paying out level 1 wages, an RFE may be sent out to clarify.

Some level 1 job positions may not qualify for H1B status as the position is expected to be specialized. When determining eligibility for an H1B visa, the employer-employee relationship is looked at carefully. These relationships typically include the supervision of an employee directly by an employer, an employer who has control over an H1B employee, and the supervision of an employee on-site or off-site.

As it can be difficult to establish the relationship when off-site, an RFE may be given. The applicant must prove that he or she has maintained their status by providing pay statements and similar materials. On average, there is a 30 percent chance that your H1B application will result in a request for evidence. If you receive an RFE, you typically have between 30 and 90 days to submit the appropriate information or documentation.

When responding to the RFE, be sure to address all questions and concerns in the notice to prevent further delays or a denial. However, approval of an H1B visa can take as little as 15 days or as long as 90 days or more, depending on the backlog and number of RFE notices being issued.

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Inthe approval rate following a RFE notice was Init dropped down to Many of these denials were related to lack of proof for specialty occupations. As the H1B RFE approval rate has lowered to a concerning percentage, it is important to address your request for evidence appropriately and respond to each and every question in detail to reduce your likelihood of a denial.

blind h1b rfe

Receiving a request for evidence from USCIS can be disconcerting, especially if you are counting on a fast approval. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to drastically improve your odds of approval following a RFE. This majorly involves looking at H1B requirements for guidance. Start by reading over your RFE to gain a solid understanding of what is being asked and why the notice was requested.Do not worry. Coronavirus recession may affect the number of H1B applications that are approved finally to start working from Oct 1, Healthcare sector would be the most in demand with airline, banking, hospitality and retail sector H1B jobs tanking.

Lottery process for H1B season is now approaching and employers have started working new applications.

blind h1b rfe

Selected registrations will be notified by email and text message. You can track your H1B approval processing time if your application has been selected. The chances of H1B approval or denial after lottery selection vary by your employer and the documents submitted. This means that you are already in US on some other visa like F1 or H4 or any other and you filed to change your visa type with H1B approval.

Your US status will automatically change on Oct 1 as this is usually the first date that you can start working on H1B. Consular processing means that you get H1B visa stamp in your passport by visiting US embassy. You can also file H4 visa for your dependents along with your H1B visa stamp. Once you get this H1B visa stamp, you and your H4 dependents can travel anytime from the validity start date to US and start working in US.

If you are working for a IT consulting company, you can expect to receive an RFE to prove employer employee relationship. You can travel while your H1B application is pending approval after it has been selected in Lottery. You should understand the difference between Consular Processing and Change of Status. The new H1B lottery changes will benefit US masters degree holders as they will get a second chance in the lottery for selection.

You can request a new I from your school and extend your OPT if it is expiring before you even receive an H1B receipt by submitting valid H1B filing proof. Once you enter USA and start working on H1B for first time, you will need to complete many formalities to start your US financial life.


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